Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Duct Tape or Duck Tape

 It's duct tape.  That is not open for discussion.  It was invented during WWII as a general purpose adhesive tape.  After the war it was used as a building material, to connect ventilation ducts.  These days, better tapes exist, so duct tape has become a redneck fix-all.  I have several rolls in my shop.

There is a Duck Brand tape, but even they admit that the type is duct tape.  It's right there on the label.

It was never used for taping ducks.  That would be cruel.


Carl Bussjaeger said...

It was "duck tape" before it was duct.

"The first material called "duck tape" was long strips of plain non-adhesive cotton duck cloth used in making shoes stronger, for decoration on clothing, and for wrapping steel cables or electrical conductors to protect them from corrosion or wear.
Glue backed or impregnated adhesive tapes of various sorts were in use by the 1910s, including rolls of cloth tape with adhesive coating one side."


Old NFO said...

I just call it 100mph tape... :-)