Monday, October 03, 2022

Monday Update

 I spent the morning helping a disabled friend run errands.  I take him to run errands on the first business day of the month, to do his banking, hit the grocers and the pharmacy.  I enjoy his company and it gets me out of the house.  It makes for an enjoyable morning.

I see that Susan Collins is worried about the level of violent political discourse.  This country has gotten stranger, and people have lost their filters.  Maybe everyone needs to dial back the rhetoric.  It doesn't help when the president calls his political adversaries "extreme".

With the midterms approaching, it doesn't help to have this type of messaging.

Apocalypse now: Democrats embrace a dark midterm message

They say that we are threatened with right-wing fascism, but I don't think they know what the word means.  They certainly hope that the unwashed masses don't know that it mans.  And, I would question the utility of worrying about right wing power after being assaulted by left-wing power for the past two years.  

In the meantime, my gut is telling me that we are approaching the noon hour, so it is probably time to see what is in the fridge.

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Old NFO said...

Thanks for helping out! And it's about time Collins 'woke up'...