Thursday, October 06, 2022

The Decline of New Orleans

New Orleans has always been a tourist mecca.  Beautiful architecture, wonderful food, a thriving night life. History and culture combined to make New Orleans a wonderful city.

But, decades of Democratic governance have eroded the city to the extent that it is now the murder capital of the US.  These figures are not in dispute, except in the mayor's office.  The mayor of the city, Latoya (the Destroyer) Cantrell is denying that New Orleans has a problem with crime.  Of course, Cantrell has problems of her own with crime.  She is in trouble for travel expenses and other corruption that seem to follow her like a shadow.

It's so bad that even Tucker Carlson took notice.

Belle and I used to love spending the odd weekend in New Orleans.  With rising crime and a general decline of the city, we haven't been there for several years.  And, we have no plans to return.  We'll spend our tourist money elsewhere.

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