Sunday, October 23, 2022

Election Deniers

I saw this one day last week but glossed over it.  It turned up on my news feed this morning, and I decided to highlight it.

Kari Lake is running to be the governor of Arizona.  She does not suffer fools gladly.


Old NFO said...

No she doesn't... Not at all!

be603 said...

"I'm a journalist"

You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

Boy, walked right into that one.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore back in 2000 election. Hanging chads - I won - REALLY I DID !!

Hillary as pointed out by Ms. Lake. Russia Russia Russia. The FBI. The Media. Ever'body hates ME !!

Not to mention the entire U.S. Congress, even causing the woman from Minnessota to say 'We're going to impeach the motherf****r, even though President Trump had not yet even been inaugerated at the time.

And our 'impartial media'. Can't forget them. CNN made most of their content complaining of our illegimate president Trump. Hell, Trump has been out of office and he is STILL being widely discussed as if he were still there. Talk about living rent free in someone else's head.

Biden - who is that ? Nothing to see - move along !!