Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The Migrant Problem

 I have a close friend with extremely close ties to the migrant community.  His wife was born in Brazil, where they met. She came over legally, did the paperwork, got a visa and a green card, and over the space of several years, became an American citizen.  They have sponsored close friends and family members who are all here legally.

My friend runs a successful business, along with his sons.  He is semi--retired, letting the kids run the business, but he keeps a close eye on things.  In the shop, they speak Portuguese, which is the native tongue of the wife's side of the family.

He dropped by my shop today to shoot the bull and we started talking about the illegal migrant problem.  He is not sure what the answer is but believes that it needs to be solved quickly.  He tells me that the legal immigrants are totally pissed off at Biden for letting things get out of hand.  The legal migrants spent tots of time, energy, and money doing it right, and they are outraged that Biden is letting people jump the line. They don't think it is fair.

My buddy also tells me that if these illegals are allowed to stay, with a path to citizenship, then at some point soon, they will become natural Republicans.  They are escaping corrupt governance and socialistic problems.  If these people are ever allowed to vote, they won't vote Democrat.

I trust his analysis. He is a lot more familiar with the migrant community than I am.


juvat said...

I suppose the deciding factor in the next to the last paragraph is the proportion of decent folks fleeing corrupt dictatorships etc vs. the crooks that are looking for greener fields to fleece. Depending on how trustworthy the press (yeah, I know) is, there seems to be a lot of the latter. But, your premise that a lot of them are seeking refuge from the third world version of what our current government is trying to turn into a third world government.

Yes, I am concerned about our future.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

My son-in-law is a legal immigrant. It cost about $7500 and two-years. A coyote will bring in an illegal for $5k and it takes less than a month.

The fuzziness of the process benefits somebody. I am not sure who.

It seems like a no-brainer to streamline the process and codify the criteria for who we let in and who should remain in their home-country or in the safe-country closest to their country-of-origin.

Indecision is a decision.

Old NFO said...

Interesting take on the situation!

Anonymous said...

I work in the building trades in EastTN. Most of the young men (and women!) I have met are escaping the cartels and just want a better life. They respect God (Christian), Family, and their children are very important. How/If they can vote is a huge can of worms, but that Mariachi crap music you hear at the taco joint is their version of country music, and quite popular with natives.... I don't see them supporting trannies, drag shows, and child grooming. Its the messaging that will be crucial. Politicians will always obfuscate and deny their true nature.

Titan Mk6B said...

My neighbor across the street also LEGALLY emigrated from Brazil. Don't get her started on illegals. You will be there for at least an hour.

Interestingly, she is very liberal.

Beaner49 said...

I agree about the way they might vote but I think it will depend on whether they can get a job or lf they end up sucking on the govt teat.
I think most immigrants believe in the American dream as that is why they sacrificed so much to get here but there is a vested interest group to have as many as possible depend solely on govt handouts and vote according.