Thursday, October 13, 2022

Mayorkas Lied

 Remember the incident at the border last year?  We talked about it here.  Border Patrol agents on horseback?  Yeah, you remember.

Our lying DHS Secretary, Mayorkas said it was terrible, horrible, conjuring up images from our racist past.

Truns out, he knew it was a lie.  The whole thing.  Never happened.

According to the newly released emails, Department of Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was aware the popular narrative that Border Patrol agents whipped a group of Haitian migrants was false hours before he declared the incident “horrific” during a White House press conference. One of Mayorkas’s staffers sent him an email less than three hours before the press conference relaying the account of photographer Paul Ratje, who took the viral photos and said the salacious account of what happened was false.

He knew it was a false narrative and he went with it anyway.  That fact proves that Mayorkas is a lying sonofabitch. He willfully and knowingly lied to the American people. He willfully and knowingly threw his own employees under the bus of racism.  He furthered a narrative that damaged American law enforcement.  

Mayorkas is the very worst of the American deep state.  He has neither shame nor honor.


juvat said...

And now, when a not so trustworthy Law Enforcement Agency (say the FBI) actually does something similar and gets caught on film, they can use this as "proof" that it wasn't reliable information and shouldn't be trusted.

Jonathan H said...

I am not at all surprised.
I would not trust anyone nominated or installed by this administration. Everyone I've heard of is a liar, an idiot, or both.

be603 said...

Not a Lawyer. Gotta wonder if this gives basis for civil suit by the BP guys.

Anonymous said...

they lie knowing the truth because they know nothing will happen to them and by time the truth comes out, the damage is already done...the press does it, the gov, all of them...