Thursday, October 20, 2022


 The dawg has become an escape artist, figuring ways to get under the backyard fence to explore the wider world.  Belle is vocally opposed to him running loose.

He's creative, I'll give him that.  For the past week or so, it's been a game.  I'll patch one escape route, he'll find another.  His last gambit was fairly creative.  Shimmy under an old deck and exploit a gap in the fence that I didn't think a cat could get through.   So, this morning, with a little field expedient carpentry, I closed that gap. We'll see how he does with that.

He's a pea-brain, but I learned to deal with pea-brains during my stint in Corrections.  Lots of pea-brains there who learn to study barricades looking for a weak spot.

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Flugelman said...

Had a Yorkie like that once. Calvin was a Travelin' Man. He would tunnel under 3 wide timbers to escape. Never broke him of that.