Thursday, October 27, 2022



Punch C1 and watch him jump.


robehr orinsky said...

I just ran one out of my outside cat food . Now I gotta kill him . 2nd time gets a sub-sonic 60 grain in the face. My S&W 22A with a 7 1/2" barrel gets the chore. It used to be economically beneficial to hunt and skin them but the anti-hunting/fur crowd protested the cruelty so now we watch them ate up with disease and over populated to make the anti-fur crowd happy . Used to get $12.50 for a pelt . A couple hundred in the freezer and I had a nice little ammo stash every spring .

be603 said...

filed under: How to goose a raccoon

Jonathan H said...

Oddly enough I haven't seen or heard of any around here - probably too much that'll eat them.