Thursday, October 27, 2022


 PJMedia is reporting that Senator Bob Menendez is under some sort of federal criminal investigation.

Who cares?  Being under federal investigation is sort of a badge of honor.  They've been investigating Trump for years now.

Until they actually file indictments, it's just rumor.


Anonymous said...

I look at the headlines of Trump's imminent arrest due to 'new evidence found'. He's been under the microscope of individuals who aren't interested in the truth - they want to intimidate him and others of his view to avoid running for public office. YEARS of this and nothing found - I wonder if those were investigated would any evidence of wrong doing show up.

Jonathan H said...

Menendez was on trial for corruption a few years ago and barely got off with a sympathetic jury... Apparently he didn't learn from the experience.

I'm surprised they are looking, as politicized as federal LE has become..