Thursday, October 27, 2022

Diesel Shortage?

 Zero Hedge is reporting that we might be in dire straits.

Diesel supplies are very scarce across the Northeast and in the Southeast. Supplies are at the lowest seasonal level for this time of year, and the US only has 25 days left of the industrial fuel in storage. The crisis gripping the diesel market appears to be getting out of hand as one fuel supply logistics company initiated emergency protocols this week. 

Thanks, Joe Biden   Diesel is the life-blood of American commerce.


be603 said...

You see a bug. Joe (and his handlers) see a feature.

Anonymous said...

Not saying it's incorrect, but we've been at "only a 25 day supply" for a couple weeks now.

Either no diesel is being used or refinery output and distribution exactly matches consumption. If it's claimed to be the former I know that's a lie, if it's the latter it's some extremely impressive supply/demand chain balancing coupled with some incredibly effective distribution work.

Perhaps the scare mongers - whose warning is certainly very much worth heeding - could update their numbers from time to time. Credibility has value.