Monday, October 10, 2022


 It seems that the good folks on Nantucket are worried about a possible airplane full of migrants descending into their little slice of heaven.

Nantucket Police have issued an alert that a flight is set to arrive this week that has “many similarities to the flight and incident that occurred on Martha’s Vineyard” last month — when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent dozens of migrants from Texas to the Bay State island.

Is Nantucket a sanctuary island? If so, they should welcome these people with open arms.  However, if their sanctuary status is as solid as those on Martha's Vineyard, perhaps they should re-think their virtue signaling.

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Dave O. said...

Well, Eric Adams, in NYC, claims that his city is a “sanctuary city”; he’s kinda pissy now that he’s being taken at his word by TX, FL, and AZ. Expressed preferences versus revealed preferences, I guess.