Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Undecided Voters

 I understand that there was a debate in Pennsylvania last night, and that it was a complete train-wreck for John Fetterman.  But, at this late stage of the election cycle, I wonder how many undecided voters there are in Pennsylvania?  I know nothing about politics in that state, but I know that for the local races we will decide in Louisiana, voters have already made up their minds.  In fact, we are already voting.

Pennsylvania is a tight race. The choice between Fetterman and Oz is stark.  The choice has been stark since the beginning of the race and has not really changed.  Oz is a physician and Fetterman is a career politician.  Fetterman is a Democrat and Oz is a Republican.  Oz seems to have control of his mental faculties and Fetterman is a stroke patient.  That is not Fetterman's fault, and I wish him a clear and complete recovery, bnut that does not change the fact.

In other news, evidently Hillary Clinton has actually read the Constitution and has learned that the state legislatures control the US Presidential election.  Who knew?  It comes as a bit of a shock to her.

According to Hillary Clinton, less than two years after the “fairest and most secure election in history,” the 2024 presidential election is on the verge of being stolen.

Hillary is like the herpes of American politics.  The immune system beats it down, but never really kills it. Then, once the body politic lets its guard down, it erupts again causing discomfort and pain among the afflicted.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Now that you mention Shrillery, if you watch the video with the sound off you will see her right eye wandering like crazy-mad, even though she is staring into the camera.

She continues to show symptoms of traumatic injury to her brain.

Old NFO said...

She's never going away as long as the media is around...