Monday, September 12, 2022

We're Back

 We got in last night, after a seven-day vacation.  We left headed north into Arkansas, driving through to Missouri to visit with family. Then we headed east across Illinois and Indiana into Kentucky, where we shot fast draw for three days. We left Kentucky on Sunday, headed south into Tennessee and across Mississippi to home late last night.  It was a good trip.

I stayed mostly unplugged from the internet for the whole seven days. I did check email and things like that, but basically, I was unplugged.

Queen Elizabeth died.  England's longest reigning monarch, she was Queen before I was born.  By all accounts, she was a sincere, steadfast monarch who dedicated herself to her country and her people.

Joe Biden is still an asshole. Quite the opposite of the British monarch, everything he does is for short-term political gain. Or, his own personal enrichment.   He doesn't give a crap about the American people.

I did get to see the arch in St. Louis.  Impressive. Gateway to the West, and all that.  For some reason, I had lawys believed that the spanned the Mississippi River, but it doesn't.  The Mississippi river is not nearly as wide in St. Louis as it is down here in Louisiana, but the feat still would have been impressive.

I found something called a tenderloin sandwich in Missouri.  A pork tenderloin sliced thin and hammered flat, braded and fried.  I admit that I had never heard of such a thing, but the result is quite tasty, although I do believe that I can improve on it with a little Cajun ingenuity.


John Galt said...

I am pleased that you had an enjoyed a pork tenderloin. I grew up in the Mid-West. Pork Tenderloin sandwiches are a thing a good restaurant will have and if done right will brag about. The best ones the tenderloin will extend past the bun by a minimum of 1 1/2 inches on all sides. The best ones often approach 3-4 inches on all sides of the bun. Spice, thickness of the tenderloin are all part of Results May Vary. Some like em slightly thick, some like em pounded out very thin indeed. Where hamburgers are typically served with a side of Ketchup, pork tenderloins are typically served with a side of mustard and possibly a dill pickle.
I am, however, disappointed though not surprised to learn you had not had a tenderloin sandwich before. I moved South about 18 years ago. Why is it that the South Chicken fries just about everything they can find but you will almost Never find a pork tenderloin sandwich ( Chicken fried pork) on the menu ?!!? Everywhere ya go they have chicken fried steak. Most places have chicken fried chicken. Can some restaurant ( regional chain maybe) PLEASE start making chicken fried pork ( tenderloin) sandwiches !!! I crave them and always have one when I go" Back home".

BobF said...

Did you just see the arch, or did you go up? Have passed in my travels and never managed to do it ourselves.

Yep, the Queen and Biden. One gigantic change and one continuing saga with no end in sight.

Local burger place here, family owned, serves a pork tenderloin sandwich. Been a decade or more since I've eaten a burger there. Tenderloin all the time!!

And welcome back.

Judy said...

You should have stopped and taken the ride to the top. The view is impressive, the sway on a windy day is impressive. Hubby was so amazed by it, we bought the book on the construction so he could look at the engineering.

Termite said...

Sounds like a schnitzel sandwich.

Trying adding sautéed mushrooms, and brown gravy on the side for dipping