Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Here We Go

 With tomorrow the height of the statistical hurricane season, the Atlantic basin gives us some things to watch.  Hurricane Fiona is island-hopping, and newly named tropical storm Gaston is doing it's thing in the mid-Atlantic.  The one we're interested in is that little amber X toward the bottom of the mpa.

If you listen to the local weather weenies, that little X is going to organize into a Cat 5+ hurricane, turn north into the Gulf and ravage the entire southern seaboard.  It's a panic moment.

Well, it might, or it might not.  We'll see.  I will make sure that the propane bottles are filled, and I'll lay on some extra gasoline in case we need it.  I'm about out of lawnmower gas anyway.  But, pardon me if I don't panic.

1 comment:

Rick said...

Several weeks ago, I turned on to hear " there are 3 systems in the Atlantic that are going to turn into hurricanes and hit the US"
Of course all 3 fizzled, and they knew that they would fizzle.
Gotta try to panic people.