Monday, September 12, 2022

Do We Hate Woman?

 Sandy Cortez, the ditz that represents part of New York City, says that Americans hate women.

No, Sandy, we don't hate women.  We love women.  Strong, capable, educated women.  We laugh at dumb ditz women, but we don't hate them.  We find them amusing.  

You, Sandy, on the other hand, are simply stupid.  I don't hate you, but I do wish that you would quit seeking the limelight, illuminating your ignorance for the world to see.  You are not the dumbest member of Congress, but you're one of the more irritating.


Termite said...

There are very few women I see with the right stuff to be POTUS.

Jean Kirkpatrick was one, but her type is few and far between.

Tulsi Gabbard comes to mind; she mopped the floor with Kamala during the 2020 DNC primaries. She's a realist on most things; a center-to center-right Democrat, like Democrats of years past.

Anonymous said...

unless it's all an act, she's in the running for the most stupid...for sure...

Old NFO said...

That she is... sigh