Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tuesday Monring

 I awoke this morning to cool temps, in the lower 50s on my back porch.  

Mostly Cajun commented on my post from yesterday.  He is able to get liquor shipped in, and I admit I was surprised.  I've tried in the recent past to get hooch shipped in and was told it was illegal.  So, I went to some other sites and liquor can be shipped to Louisiana.  Okay, I stand corrected.  Some ship to LA, some don't.  Odd.

Hurricane Ian is the prime focus on my news feed right now.  The storm keeps wobbling and will right up until the time it makes landfall.

I got a little movement on a long-term project yesterday.  I own a Smith and Wesson Model 38.  Mine was originally nickeled, but over the years the nickel had started flaking off and needed to be re-finished.  I had stripped it to the frame, and was considering who I would get to do the work.  The project has languished for a couple of years.

Grandson Zach recently went to work for a gun manufactory that builds AR rifles from the ground up, and he is their powder coat and cerracote guy.  He took the frame in, bead-blasted the frame, prepped it, and put a nice black cerracote on it.

I'm going to leave the cylinder and crane nickeled for a two-tone look.  This old revolver will go back in service.


BobF said...

Florida used to have some weird laws regarding shipment of wines. Not much of a wine drinker, but I think it had to do with certain quantities.

Meanwhile, we are looking at the storm eye coming over the house later, but the good news is that it is expected to be only 85mph by then. We're prepping as if it were a Cat 3 anyway. Been a while, so the practice is a good thing, plus I'm concerned about flooding. In 2004 we had three of them go directly over the house with a fourth out a ways.

be603 said...

ummm, j-frames...

I'll be in my rack.