Monday, September 19, 2022

Remodel Done!

 The bath remodel is done, and I have to admit that it was relatively painless and almost seamless.

We used Custom Bath and Shower, Inc.  Initially, I was skeptical, but once I started dealing with the reps, my fears were eased.  They kept us informed, the installers were professional, and they completed the work on-time and on budget.

Of course, Belle and I had to clear the work area of furniture and other incidental clutter.  Today will be spent putting stuff back where we like it.

We haven't used it yet, the installers cautioned us about suing it for 24 hours to let the sealer cure.  Belle didn't want a glass door, preferring the shower curtain to the hassle os cleaning a glass door.  So, there you have it.


Anonymous said...

Rainx on glass shower doors saves a ton of work.

Old NFO said...

Looks great! And glad to see y'all put the grab handles in!