Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The Polls

 It seems that progressives and jounalists (but then, I repeat myself) are concerned that the national media polls don't accurately reflect the will of the people.  Well, they have been wrong before.

I remember going to bed one night, thinking that Hillary Clinton would be our president, but waking the next morning to learn that Donald Trump had won decisively in the race. Lots of folks were shocked at that result, and they haven't gotten over it yet.  Then, there is the old Dewey beats Truman example.

The Republicans can't get cocky.  They have to run right up to the finish line.  But, we're seeing some weird stuff this cycle and the only poll that matters is the one that takes place on election day.

I am no analyst, but I've seen the polls wrong before.  Stay the course.  Run the race.


Jonathan H said...

And don't get down because of the current polls that are trying to support a narrative. Use your head and critically review what you read.

Termite said...

Apparently Linsey Graham didn't read the entire SCOTUS decision that overturned Roe v Wade, and tossed it back to the states.
He just filed a federal bill to limit abortion to the first 15 weeks.

This is stupidity. Is he trying to throw the mid-terms to the DNC?

be603 said...

Especially when the tally is done by computers with secret sauce algorithms and mysterious updates/up_down loads.

Anonymous said...


the turtle is not supporting maga candidates...the press keeps reporting conservative gop women are going to vote dem because of the roe vs wade...this is graham stoking the fire...i don't believe a bunch of conservative women would vote just because of that alone...most of them have kids...that means they would rather their kid be indoctrinated in school with trannies and gay sex over roe vs wade...i don't believe that crap...every rhino does not want orange man bad to run or win...they ain't do you, me, or orange man bad any favors...panzer guy...