Friday, September 30, 2022

Not Likely, Joe

 Our inept, fumbling president was on TV the other day, saying words to the effect that Hurricane Ian might be the deadliest hurricane to ever hit Florida.  Not likely, Joe.  Weather weenies keep records, and those records are easily available.

The Lake Okeechobee hurricane in 1928 killed over 2500 people.  The Great Labor Day storm in 1935 claimed over 400 folks.  Just to name two.

I am not discounting the devastation that Ian has rained on Florida, and any life lost is too many.  I am highlighting how easy it is to get information on hurricanes.

Some of the talking heads on the left are trying to tell us that hurricanes are getting more intense due to climate change.  And, no, a quick review of the records doesn't show that either.  There have been lots of Cat 4 hurricanes to come ashore, and even if they upgrade Ian to a Category 5 storm, that doesn't prove that climate change had anything to do with it.  Cat 5 storms are statistical outliers. A more valid argument might be made that climate change has lessened the number of named storms.

Again, none of this discussion is meant to diminish the horrific loss that Florida has experienced.  It's not Florida's fault, they just happened to be in the way.  I live in Louisiana, a state known for absorbing hurricanes.  I've seen the damage that strong storms can do, and I've experienced the aftermath.

Don't listen to creepy Joe, or to idiotic Don Lemon. They don't know what the hell they are talking about.

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BobF said...

Mornin.' I'm in Florida and Ian chose to pass right over my place. Minor flooding and 2 days of no power. Heh -- one of my UPS boxes just beeped 3 times and I damned near flew out of the chair. Talk about conditioning...

No diminishing felt here; facts are facts. I was here in 2004 when three of them passed over my house.

Don't know what I've done to deserve to be one of the lucky ones every time with only a few days' lack of power (good exercise for something worse) and damage that is fairly easily repaired. There are those who despite insurances and support groups will *never* truly recover.

And as you point out, there are the long past thousands who suffered in the days before such assistance. Lefties and empty heads have no desire to remember them.