Monday, September 26, 2022


 I had to get moving this morning, go to the Doc's place and give him some blood and urine.  It's time for my semi-annual visit, so he can tell me that I'm becoming an old, decrepit man.  I don't mind, so much.  I actually like my Doc.  He seems to be a good fellow, and we normally talk about fishing, or whiskey, after he has done his duty to my health.

I'm his last patient today, and I'm thinking about bringing him a sample of a fine, American single malt that someone else introduced me to.  They can't call it Scotch, because it is not a product of Scotland, but they make it in Colorado.  Every Scotch drinker I've talked with thinks that it is a very good representation of a single malt whiskey.  Stranahan's whiskey.

We can't get it in Louisiana (or at least, I haven't found it yet) and Louisiana's laws don't allow then to ship it to me.  It is confounding.

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mostly cajun said...

I don't understand them not being able to ship to you. I've received shipments of absinthe from Europe - 169 proof stuff, to my door in Louisiana.

Is this a NEW law?

mostly cajun