Sunday, September 25, 2022

Still Arguing

 I guess the gun writers need something to write about.

Shooting Illustrated talks about the 9mm vs 45 ACP debate.

Meh.  I got over that "debate" in the '80s.


Anonymous said...

Shot placement, not caliber.

Matthew W said...

Every bullet has magic in it:
A 22 can kill
a 22 might kill,
a 45 can kill,
a45 might kill,
a 50 bmg.............

In my opinion, the first person putting rounds on target will win

Jonathan H said...

I found it interesting how they quantified faster follow up shots on 9 versus 45.

BobF said...

I have both in my boxes and got over those arguments long ago, too. I skip those articles. Are we now going to go around and around again when some writer wants to start a revolver versus pistol? Or plastic versus metal mag? Or, whatever they think will sell?