Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Novak Rants

Mark Novak is ranting about the future of gunsmithing, and it's a pretty good rant.

Gunsmithing, like many specialties is becoming more specialized.  A guy who is a good AR tech, may not know anything about 1911s, or pump shotguns. The best single-action revolver guy I know is my age, and we're not getting any younger.  Fortunately, this guy enjoys teaching and sharing his craft and he's trying to build new gunsmiths.

All the trades, from auto mechanics to metal fabrication, to agriculture is more reliant on computer technology than ever before.  Technology is great, but I think that the reliance on technology will never replace the age-old artistry of an apprentice at the elbow of a master craftsman.

Maybe I'm barking at the moon here, but I am still allowed to bark at the moon.

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