Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Cutting Grass

 When Belle and I bought this place, I promised her I would cut the grass.  She hates cutting grass, and I promised her that she would never again have to sit on nor walk behind a lawnmower.  

Looking at the grass this morning, and realized that it had been over two weeks since that mower was started, so I checked the oil,  filled the tank, and got busy.  Two hours later I was done, but I'm not sure if my mower, in its present configuration, is going to make another season.

I run an old Skag Wildcat that I bought used several seasons ago.  It's what I call a Franken-Skag.  The original 33-horse motor is long gone.  It has been replaced by a 25-horse Briggs that was long in the tooth when it was installed.  The mower itself is solid, an industrial model.  The problem is the engine. It starts just fine, but has very little power.  It burns oil like a tar-bucket.  If I can get through this season I'll probably pull-the-pin and buy a new engine this winter.

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Anonymous said...

I bought my 2nd Exmark when I got this place. Love those Kohler air-cooled engines.