Thursday, September 15, 2022

Is Accuracy Final?

 My apologies to my regular readers, but the CFDA is considering a rule change that I think is bone-headed.  Read more, below the fold.

Is accuracy final, as Wyatt Earp so famously said, or is speed the idea?  I see a proposed rule change on Item #9 of the Mashal's Muster Agenda that reduces the maximum time for a scored shot from 1.250 second to 1.000 seconds. While I understand the motivation of the intended rule change, I think that this idea is a slippery slope and may damage the Association in the long run.  For example:

I have one club member, a dues-paying member with a CFDA number, who is extremely handicapped.  His disability is such that he cannot safely load his revolver.  We do it for him.  He struggles to maintain the 1.250 rule.  What should I tell him?  That he is no longer good enough to shoot with us?  That is not the Cowboy Way.  I'll need a lot more guidance about how I breach that conversation.

My lady, my wife and best friend, Blue Eyed Belle, has struggled with speed since we took up this game several years ago.  We love the CFDA, host titled matches, attend other events, but we are slow.  Belle shoots in the 9s and 10s, and when she cold or her hip is hurting, in the 11s.  We know that because she hits the target, which is the point of the whole exercise.  If a 1.001 isn't good enough, she may reevaluate her participation in the sport, which may cause me to reevaluate my participation in the sport.  

Let's get down to the crux of the issue.  I myself am a slow shooter.  I hit in the 6s and 7s, occasionally drag a 5 on a good day.  Last weekend, I was shooting in Kentucky and was told, confidentially, by a shooter I love and respect that I was causing discontent because I was giving away Xs by shooting 6s.  But, we know that I was shooting 6s because I was hitting the target.  The faster shooters were not.  The simple way to win matches in this game is to hit the target.  As a slow shooter, I don't mind when I am out-run, but the other fellow should not complain when I hit the target.

Quick Cal even wrote an article several years ago.  Is There A Gut Shot?  It might be a good time to revisit that article.

Blue Eyed Belle and I are both life members, we love the game and the CFDA.  We do not intend to do anything to jeopardize that relationship.  We have made two firm commitments to upcoming events and plan to fulfill those commitment.  This proposed change, if adopted, will not change those commitments, but may cause us to reevaluate our continued participation in the sport.

I spent most of my adult life in law enforcement with a pistol on my hip.  Gunfights are short, brutal exercises.  I am grateful that I only drew my gun twice in 37 years in the line of duty.  I am extremely grateful that I never had to shoot anyone. I could tell you some really interesting things about true gunfights, but this is neither the time nor the place.  The CFDA is a sport that requires rules, but I believe this rule change is a slippery slope to placate those shooters who get  their feelings hurt when someone else hits the target.  If you come after the 10 shooters now, eventually you will come for the 6 and 7 shooters.

The simple expedient is to hit the target.

I remain, respectfully, - Major D.


Possum said...

Well the 1.250 rule came about due to whiners both fast and slow. Used to be you had "until the timer ran out". Some shooters became well known for needing "recovery" shots against faster shooters but not against similar shooters. Most of those folks don't seem to need as many recovery shots now. Faster shooters have no reason to complain because they miss and a slower shooter beats them. If you shoot .6s and.7s and beat them there is no reason to complain, they need to improve their accuracy. If you shoot 1.0s and 1.1s and beat them that's called "strategy" but to me leaves a bit to be desired in the way of true sportsmanship and the "Cowboy Way". We stepped upon the slope with the 1.250 rule (the complainers still complained and it didn't suit them then either so some have drifted away)and now the slide begins. My opinion, I'm sure others disagree.

Anonymous said...

I believe you hit the mail on the head

Anonymous said...

We have Marshall Muster in Fallon coming up. They are the ones to address this issue at the meeting. Let them know how you stand. Hopefully a right decision will be made. Their is issues on clothing, footwear and other items on the agenda. Your club Marshall is their to represent you. Let them know how you feel on any of these issues.
No Name Arizona Gunslingers

Anonymous said...

i am slowing down from what i started at due to diabetes (or its meds) slowing my reaction time. i still shoot in 6s and 7s, but am totally for the idea that accuracy matters more than speed. i am a life member, and am against this proposed rule change, and think the best change inthe interest of commradere (sp), in a sport we all do for the enjoyment, not the million dollar prise moneys paid (NOT), do away with even the 1250 rule. I know of life members that have quit because of it.

Jill Dempsey/ Blue Hawk said...

Thank you. I love CFDA. CFDA is the ONLY professional, competitive organization that let's a blind woman shoot SAFELY!! I will NEVER be a fast shooter. Most of my shots are 1.0+. Yes, I have good days were I shoot 0.8 + 0.9 ( & you all hear about them! Lol). CFDA has given me the chance to be with friends, new family, & participate with people I care about in a consistently safe environment. I will never be a fast shooter, but most of those truly fast shooters will never be 98% accurate. I am. Would it be fair to limit the number of shots the fast shooters can take
(Those who miss 16x in a row are now only allowed 5 shots per Round). This sport is about SAFETY FIRST, fun second, competition third. If you truly need to compete then also join one of those extreme groups. But please don't take away my ability to safely shoot. If you need a challenge, I will gladly volunteer to shoot against a FAST shooter who is blindfolded! This sport is everything to me. It is special because it allowed a blind, disabled woman, with a white cane, & seeing eye dog step up to the line and shoot against the best of the best SAFELY. Please don't ruin the Spirit of the Game & Cowboy Way. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Very well written response to this proposal…thank you. I’m with you on this and will be against this at the MM. ~Deadeye Daisy