Friday, September 23, 2022

Eleven Cords

 A reader from Alaska comments on an earlier post.

Well, I’m almost 73 and I’m still splitting and stacking wood here in Alaska. I do have a tractor to move it and a powered splitter to split it. We do buy log length cord wood for part of our needs but I’m glad we have 11 full cords of dry firewood in the wood shed with the prices on fuel oil and propane what they are. We do live off grid and a grown daughter does heavy stuff like hauling water!

Eleven cords.  Wow!  When U was cutting firewood, I could make it through the winter with two cords, but I suspect a winter in Alaska lasts a bit longer than a winter in Louisiana. 

On the Labor Day weekend, my son had a work day at his deer camp, and they cut and stacked 8 cords of wood, but they knew it was over-kill.  They were cutting up a storm damaged tree, and the yield was 8 cords.  They have plenty of wood for a couple of years.

Here locally, from my perusal of the ads, it seems most firewood these days is sold by the rick.


B said...

3 ricks to the cord.

Around here though, they think a full size pickup is 2 cords and I just can't stack it loose enough to make it come out right.
I too stack and split my own. I generally need 6-8 for a Chicago area winter.

Old NFO said...

Yep, two TOTALLY different environments.

Howard Brewi said...

Well we had -30’s in November last year and some -50 later on. We will probably have leftover but better have it dry and under cover that trying to find dry dead wood in deep snow later on!

Nate said...

As a kid my dad sold firewood. He had a 196? F350, it had an 8 foot bed with side racks. That pickup held 1 cord 4x4x8 tightly stacked. I have no idea how much we burned each year, it was all of the unsaleable stuff that was thrown into a pile.