Friday, July 30, 2021

The Governor Barks - LA Covid Update

 Today, Louisiana's petty  tyrant held a bark-a-thon press conference.  It seems that Louisiana once again leads the nation in Covid infections.  He's thinking about a mask mandate for everyone. Even fully vaccinated folks.

Lets look at the numbers shall we?  This is from today's LA Covid dashboard.  They are his numbers, not mine.

First, the main dashboard, where we get an oerview.

Next, the stats for the vaccinated folks.

These charts tell us a couple of things.  First, we have 1,716,161 fully vaccinated folks in Louisiana.  Those fully vaccinated folks account for 10% of the new cases.  That means we have 531 of the new cases are vaccinated.  That tells me that the chance of a vaccinated person getting Covid is 0.000030.  That tells me that the chances of a fully vaccinated person getting Covid is 3 thousandths of 1 percent.

That's pretty good odds.  I have a better chance of dying in an auto crash, but not quite as much chance of being struck by lightning.  I don't know what he is freaking out about.


Termite said...

For John Bell, it's a power thing.

For the panic-stricken sheeple, it's because "math is HARD".

juvat said...

What's the use of Power if you can't abuse it?

Judy said...

And you surround yourself with people who haven't got the guts to say, "Boss, you sure that's a good idea?"

robert orians said...

John Bell never mentioned tens of thousands of covid infected folk pouring across the open border something tells me .

Termite said...

Or the busloads of asylum seekers that arrived in Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and Monroe just a few days ago, with no notice from ICE.