Friday, July 02, 2021

Making Meat Pies

 Younger son is coming in for a visit next week, and he asked for meat pies.  So, today we got together to put together a couple of batches and freeze them until it's time to heat up the frying oil.

Meat pies are a staple in Natchitoches and many recipes abound.  Belle has about the best recipe I've ever tried, and you can find it in the blog archive.  A recipe will make about 18 meat pies, depending on how big you cut the crust.  Belle uses a coffee-cup saucer, and today we made 38 pies.

Meat pies are traditionally served with dirty rice, which is also in the archives.  Make a nice tossed salad and maybe a cold beer, and you have supper.


Old NFO said...

Good stuff! :-) I need to make up some for the folks over here.

BobF said...

@Old NFO: Ain't gonna happen. Been after my sister to send crawfish and/or boudin for years. Those Louisiana folks never heard of FedEx. Musta shut down after I left. Hah!