Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Veto Session

 The Louisiana State Legislature meets today to commence a veto override session after Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed a number of bills after the legislative session. Many outlets are calling this an "historic" session, but it is historic only because it is the first one we've ever had.  The Constitution requires it if the governor vetoes a bill, but the legislators can vote to skip the session.  In the past, they have done so.

The Louisiana legislature is heavily Republican, but many of those are RINO Republicans.  Governor Edwards calls himself a moderate Democrat, but I call him a patty tyrant who does the bidding of the DNC.

Two vetoes that pissed off everybody are the driving force behind this session.  One bill that protects our daughters and grand-daughters from competing against males in sports, and another that acknowledges our God-given right to bear arms.  The grass-roots outrage over these vetoes was so loud that our legislature could not ignore the cries for justice.

However, the Governor has huge power to withhold money for pet projects and he has projected considerable influence to try and derail this session.  He did not succeed, but his minions are making back-room deals to try and derail the votes on individual bills.  By the end of this week, we will know which legislators stood firm and which could be bought.  We'll know which are patriots and which are unspeakable pond scum.

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Termite said...

My prediction is that the women's sport protection bill will go thru, but the permit-less CCW bill will fail by 1 or 2 votes.