Monday, July 12, 2021

Edwin Edwards Dead at 93

 The Baton Rouge Advocate is reporting that former governor Edwin Edwards of Louisiana has passed away at age 93.  Rest in Peace, Eddie.

He was colorful, no doubt about it.  Even his adversaries gave him credit for  being the consummate Louisiana politician.  He served two terms, then was term-limited, then served two more terms.  Then, he served again, but this time in a federal pen for corruption.  Edwin Edwards was quite a character,  a ladies man, and a king-maker for most of his life.  Stories abound, and many of them are quire humorous.

One such story (If I recall correctly).  Late in life, Edwin married a much younger woman.  While discussing it with his doctor, the doctor told Edwin that such a marriage might be dangerous.

Edwin replied, "Well, if she dies, she dies."

Edwin Edwards is gone, and Louisiana politics will be a lot less colorful without him.


Stuart said...

Proof that only the good die young.

I have personal stories of of Edwin Edwards that, as a much younger man, convinced me to pursue my business in Texas. I have never once regretted that decision.

George said...

"The only way I'll lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy."

mostly cajun said...

"Vote for the crook. It's important." Slogan from the gubernatorial race between EWE and David Duke.

And on national TV: "It was illegal for them to give me the bribe. It wasn't illegal for me to take it."

And now we have the current clown.

No wonder we get laughed at.