Saturday, July 10, 2021


 The black bear is becoming more and more of a common sight in the area where we live.  I went to pick up a buddy for a meeting, and as we made our way back tot he house, we spotted a young black bear in a semi-rural area less than two miles from the house.

The bear was stalking a trash can when he saw us driving closer, and turned and ran back toward the rear of the property.  I'm not overly concerned about black bears.  I've lived for years in a very rural area and moved the suburbs later in life.  I think that they are beautiful animals, but know that when bears and the suburbs clash, it is normally the bear who comes out the loser.  

Still, it was neat to see the critter this morning, and I wish him well.  


Howard Brewi said...

I live in Alaska and we have both black and grizzly bears. I have never had a negative encounter except for the grizzly who broke down the door of my dry storage. I have scared the heck out of a few blacks over the years when I encountered them. However, the bear advice from the experts is that if you are attacked by a grizzly play dead, If a black attack fight for your life as they are doing a predatory attack. We did have one attack up here this year by a grizzly that pulled the victim out of a tent, and one grizzly did a hit and run on a surveyor. Just be cautious with any bear in the wild!

Glypto Dropem said...

We had a big male lumber across the field right next to the firehouse last week. Came up from the river and headed up towards the scout camp. A call to the camp to alert them was a report that they already shooed him away once.

Old NFO said...

Yep, they are definitely coming back in Louisiana!