Monday, July 05, 2021

Monday Wakeup

 Wakening on this Monday, the 5th of July, we return to the workaday world and sip our coffee as we browse the intertubes.

Tropical Storm Elsa still churns,although her track has shifted slightly to the west.

Weather aside, it appears that the local fireworks stands had a good weekend, if the level of celebratory artillery is any indication.  It seems that Chicago had a rough weekend,with at least ten dead and 45 people wounded.

Of course their mayor, Lightweight as she is, blames sexism and racism for her woes.  Chicago is setting new records for mayhem this year, and Lightfoot falls back on tired canards.


BobF said...

This weekend HAS to have set a record for personal, paid for with hard earned, or government handedout, cash spent on fireworks -- not just local, but also in the distance. The rumble was continuous and went on forever. Haven't heard such since we moved here decades ago.

Jonathan H said...

This year we're in a new area, with a burn ban including fireworks... And there were more fireworks than I've seen anywhere else!

Steve said...

another group of folks killed in Chitown.....and all that mayor thing, lightfoot can say is; "IT'S TRUMPS FAULT!!!!"

Glypto Dropem said...

In my little eastern Kommiecticut rural town last night, I felt like I was back at Fort A.P Hill during the 1984 war games. They did night fire of artillery during that exercise and that's what it sounded like last night. Unlike Fort A.P. Hill, I could not see the distant ground level flashes because we live in the woods. Some people spent some big bucks on some big boomers and there was no municipal fireworks in my vicinity. But just like at Fort A.P. Hill, I wasn't annoyed... because it was the SOUND OF FREEDOM!! Everyone was done before 11 PM (and most people are off today) so no one complained I am sure. My 3 dogs didn't even pay any mind to the noise, but I'll bet my bitchy neighbor that is constructing a horse farm sure did. Next year she'll be on the phone with the state cops I am sure.

Old NFO said...

Yep, truly the sounds of freedom! And Chiraq was up to its normal tricks. 88 hout, 14 dead.

Termite said...

"Well, the south side of Chicago,
Is the baddest part of town,
And if you go down there,
You better just beware,
Of a man name of Leroy Brown..."