Sunday, July 18, 2021

Opposition? Not So Much

 Yahoo News is asking how Republican opposition to the Covid vaccine got to this point?

And this past week, Republican state lawmakers in Tennessee successfully pressured health officials to stop outreach to children for all vaccines. The guidance prohibits sending reminders about the second dose of a COVID vaccine to adolescents who had received one shot and communicating about routine inoculations, like the flu shot.

I can't speak for all Republicans, but I do believe that the vaccination effort has become extremely politicized, and I believe that a child's medical treatment,including vaccines should be a decision between the parent and the family doctor. 

For the record, both Belle and I have gotten the vaccine.  Many of our friends and neighbors have likewise gotten the vaccine.  Some have not, and that is okay,to.  It's a personal decision that each adult should make.

So, to all my liberal friends out there, we get it.  The vaccine is readily available and free for the asking.  However, the FDA has not yet approved it, and in fact it is still under an emergency use authorization.  We will learn abut its safety and effectiveness in the coming years, and the decision to get it should be between each adult and their physician.  

Quit making it about politics.


Les said...

Meanwhile the epi-pen's price increased, what, four times? Essential proven survival equipment for thousands, and the vaccination is for free, and maybe you get a ticket in a lottery, depending on the state. What's wrong here?

Old NFO said...

Amen... And yes, Epi-pens, insulin, and other 'necessary' drugs are back up to their original pre-Trump prices... sigh