Friday, July 02, 2021


 Mark Tapscott writes of a coming schism in the Southern Baptist Convention.  The Southern Baptists are the largest protestant denomination in the US.  I'm not going to say that Mark is wrong, because he pays closer attention to such things than I do, but I will observe that such rumors have come before, and didn't pan out.

Mark's argument is that some of the leadership of the church have succumbed to "wokeness".  That may be, and if in fact they have strayed from the Gospel, they are on sinking sand.  Any Christian church that strays from the Gospel and Good News of Jesus Christ is in danger of being irrelevant.  

Our little church is non-denominational by its charter, but we follow in the tradition of the Southern Baptists.  Our last two pastors "grew up" as Southern Baptist, and our current pastor serves two churches.  His other church is a Southey Baptist church.  Ours is not.  "Wokeness" plays no part in either congregation.  

As our pastor said in a recent sermon, he is Christian, but not particularly religious.  He teaches the Good News of Jesus Christ without regard to a particular denomination.  "If a little Christian church across town starts healing the sick and raising the dead, you won't see me here on Sunday morning.  I'll be across town with them."

I don't worry about the Southern Baptists.  All I'm concerned about is my discipleship.  Once we cross to the other side, denomination will be left behind.

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