Saturday, July 24, 2021

Those Lawnmower Blues

 That verdampt lawnmower I talked about earlier this week.  IT's something int he starter solenoid.  I cn jump across it and run the mower.  It's a brand-new solenoid, but I suspect that I mis-wired sortieing when I put it in.  I'll get my mech to look at it tomorrow when he comes over for lunch.

But, at this pint, Belle has declared Happy Hour.  Y'all have a nice Saturday.


robert orians said...

I remember growing up how the whole world wanted American products because we built it to be the best longest lasting stuff made .Now most everything is imported and designed to put money in someone elses pocket and to run for three days past the 90 day warranty . What happened to us ?

Steve Sky said...

To quote Lee Iacocca, "A consumer good is by definition consumed, and if it isn't consumed fast enough, you engineer it so it is."

The idea is to generate a continuous revenue stream by forcing the consumers to continually replace what they have bought.

BobF said...

@Steve: Like printers and ink cartridges? :-)

Steve Sky said...

@BobF - I think that falls under the Gillette model of "sell them the handle cheap, and make them buy the blades." I calculated the cost per gallon for my ink jet printer cartridge once, and it worked out to be over $10,000.