Friday, July 09, 2021

Friday Prepping

 I spent the morning in the shop, prepping for a club meeting tomorrow morning.  I'm giving a Range Officer class to those who might want it. In the CFDA, training Range Officer sis the responsibility of the individual club, and the CFDA supplies the course material.  I've been going over the latest material to make sure that I'm ready to answer questions.  Safety is the by-word, and although the rules are not terribly complex, sometimes the contestants find themselves in situations that take some apply the rules consistently and fairly.

Just as soon as we're through tomorrow, I'll start breaking down the range.  Next Saturday, our range will host a birthday party.  Belle's mother is celebrating her 100th birthday and I have to convert the shop to an event center. It's going to be quite the celebration, and I have a week to get ready for it.

Belle's sisters have been communicating about things distaff, such as colors and themes and decorations.  I'm sure that it all will be quite festive.  I'm also sure that when it is over, I will be tasked with disposing of the debris.  

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Yours is not to reason why, yours is merely to do and sigh... :-)