Monday, July 19, 2021

Weekend WrapUp

 It was a busy weekend here on PawPaw's acre.  We hosted a birthday party for Belle's mother, who successfully made it to 100.  A whole century.

While we were partying, it seems that some of the Texas Democrats who fled Austin to perfect malfeasance in Washington DC, came down with gonorrhea Covid.  Coincidentally, after meeting with those same Texas Democrats, our Vice President had a cautionary visit to Walter Reed.  Purely routine, I'm sure.  I bet that they gave her a gonorrhea Covid swab while she was there.

On the other coast, the LA cops (those who are left), finally got a gut-full of silly-assed Antifa protesters and opened an old-fashioned can of Whoop Ass.

But, the big news around here this weekend was the Century birthday party.

I had one good friend keeping a headcount and she came up with 70 attendees.  There was lots of food,lots of neck-hugging, and lots of good-natured enjoyment.

This was the largest crowd we've had in the shop since we built it, and I'm pleased to say that the air conditioners held up just fine through the whole affair.  It was a very festive event.

Today, the main focus will be converting the shop from a party house back into a working wax bullet range.  I'm in no particular hurry, but we do have a club shoot this weekend.


dogsledder said...

Congratulations to Belle's mother on achieving 100 years of age. She looks QUITE WELL for anything near 100 years old. She could pass for 70. Must be due to clean living !

BobF said...

Oh wow. The things she has seen, the experiences she has had, and the stories of real life she can tell. If someone hasn't had a sit-down with a tape recorder set of sessions it is long overdue.

And regarding the LA LEOs, I left my comment there. 'bout time.

Howard Brewi said...

As I understand it, the Texas democrats left Austin so there wouldn’t be a quorum to vote on the election bill. I have read that there are several ways for grade school kids to produce false positives so as to extend their COVID vacation. So what are the chances that said Democrats produced false positives so as to continue blocking a quorum in the expected special session?