Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Follow The Science

 In this post-Covid world, science is starting to understand what we did during the pandemic, and what our response to it actually accomplished.  

A new Harvard study reveals that while leaving the elite relatively unscathed, the lockdowwns played havoc with the working folks.  This study examines the lockdowns mainly from an economic standpoint.

And, those who argued that the shelter-in-pace policy was designed to save lives have no data points to stand on.  People are going to die, and shelter-in-place orders increase the risk of death.

“We failed to find that countries or U.S. states that implemented SIP policies earlier, and in which SIP policies had longer to operate, had lower excess deaths than countries/U.S. states that were slower to implement SIP policies,” the authors explain. 

It's been sixteen months since Covid battered it's way into my consciousness  I railed against government excesses, regulatory over-reach, and how those policies limited economic activity, diminished personal freedom, and expanded government.. 

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robert said...

Being Irish with a predisposition to insurrection I never wore the face diaper . Got lots of bad looks from the normal folks and even got chased out of a Menards store by security detail but stuck to my guns and refused to wear it . When they release the next one [ and they will ] I'm still not wearing it . It is all a trick to control you if you haven't figured it out yet . And it probably came from Fort Dietrick Maryland biolab and not China . Did I mention I'm Irish Ha!Ha!Ha!