Sunday, June 06, 2021

Systemic Racism

 Fox News is reporting that president biden released a video calling systemic racism "one of the greatest crises of our time."

President Biden in a video released told the class of 2021 they are graduating at an "inflection point" in history and described systemic racism as one of "the great crises of our time."

I'm calling bullshit, here, joe.  If there is such a ting as "systemic racism", then you are duty-bound to name the system that is racist, and take steps to cure it.  I'm not racist, in fact, I will rail against racism at every turn, but if the system is racist, then we need to know which system?  It's time get specific.

Now that we have identified "the system" as racist, it is time to start getting specific.  Which system?  The education system?  The banking system?  Which system?

The grand boogeyman of "systemic racism" is utterly worthless until we start talking about the individual system.  Until then, it is an un-defined term, and it is way past time to get specific.

Until then, I'm calling bullshit.


Termite said...

A public education system that promotes minority children to the next grade even if they didn't fulfill the requirements is indeed racist.

It is the "soft" racism of lowered expectations.

Stuart said...

Well Joe, let's talk about that.
Liberals control primary & secondary education, govt bureaucracies (aka, the Deep State), the Media, Big Tech, post-secondary Academia.
Sooo, if systemic racism does indeed exist; which party would be to blame for committing it?
Also, why won't the GOP point that out?

dogsledder said...

Promoting the little negro and mexican children (and undeserving white children) without merit will ultimately work against them when employers find that too many of them are unable to do the jobs they are hired for. Similar to the way that employers now are skeptical about the "skills" of recent college graduates.

Old NFO said...

Concur, put up or shut up... Name names. THEN correct it...

BobF said...

Step two should be hauling the CEOs or agency heads into court for promoting/allowing that racism under their purview.

Considering that those folks are almost undoubtedly liberal that's not likely to happen, so what's all this about anyway?