Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Doing Chores

 I've been doing chores most of the day, taking care of domestic tasks that need doing.  Belle still works, probably will never fully retire, but I've become fond of retirement, so the household chores revert to me.  No matter, I didn't marry her for her house-keeping.

Between chores, Ill sit down at the computer (I said I was working at it, I never said I was working hard at it.) and surf the news.  It looks like that dick-head, Fauci has been lying to us.  

Dr. Anthony Fauci spent over a year publicly dismissing the theory that COVID-19 originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but more than a year ago he briefed world leaders that the virus may have leaked from the lab.

I can understand the science changing.  But, telling us one thing, and telling Europe health leaders something else is called lying.   Like mush of America, I've been watching the revelations coming out of the intelligence from China, and I'm convinced of a number of things.  One, it is entirely possible that Chinese scientists were fiddling with the genomes of that virus to make it more lethal.  Two, it is also entirely possible that Fauci was knee-deep in funding that research, simply because it is illegal to do gain-of-function research in the US and he thought that the knowledge gained was valuable to know.  Third, it is entirely possible (indeed, probably beyond any reasonable doubt) that the virus accidentally leaked from that lab. Fourth, and most damning, I believe that everything that Fauci has done in the past year was to reduce his visibility as to his deep knowledge and funding of  that research.  He may not be guilty of the crime, but he is certainly an accessory.

Fauci should be immediately fired, discredited, and his medical license (if he has one) revoked.  But, that will never happen. Fauci fits in perfectly with the Biden administration.  He's just another lying prick with a huge ego.

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