Wednesday, June 02, 2021

No Fraid

 It seems that an audit of votes in one New Hampshire election were wrongly counted by a machine, and wrongly assigned to the Democrat candidate.  But there was no fraud.

"We found no evidence of fraud or political bias," Mark Lindeman, one of the three auditors and the acting co-director of Verified Voting, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization, said. "I have heard no one actually articulate a credible hypothesis of how fraud could account for what we found."

It was simply a machine error that assigned votes wrongly to the Democrat. 

The town used the machine to fold the absentee ballots before sending them to voters. After they were returned, the ballots were fed into a counting machine. Because the folds on some ballots went through a Democrats name, the ballot was either not counted or a vote was wrongly given to the Democrat.

It seems that the recount and audit were requested by a losing Democrat candidate.  What they found was that the machine counted some votes for the Democrat, but the Republican won anyway. Now that the audit is complete, it appears that the Republican won by a wider margin than was originally reported. 

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robert said...

We gotta do something bout this whole voter fraud thing or our republic is gone .