Tuesday, June 01, 2021

This is Cool

 Over the weekend, our garage door opener capped out, so I had to run to Lowe's yesterday and get one.  The low-end Chamberlain.  Until Belle and I were married, neither of us had ever had a garage door, much less the need to operate it with a button, but I've spoiled Belle and she wants a working garage door now.

For my entire adult life, pre-Belle, I never had a carport, much less a garage, but Belle now insists that not only must the door open by button, but that her parking place is one step from the door to the house.  It's a first-world, rich man's problem.

Looking at the box today, I saw that the garage door opener is wi-fi enabled, so I downloaded the app, and set it up.  Now, I can check on the status of my garage door from anywhere in the connected world and open or close it, as I desire.  Oh, the raw power of the intertubes.


Glypto Dropem said...

No thanks, Pawpaw. IMHO.. if it can be connected to the internet, it can be hacked. I left my 2 year old Genie garage door opener dark from the interwebby, just like the old school 1980's. It is on the bay for my bike, so I open and close it while looking right at it. The one on the other bay is too old to have Wi-Fi.

Judy said...

Yup, if you can open that door from anywhere in the world so can anyone else.

American News said...
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John in Philly said...

Both cars have a tiny button on the rearview mirror that mimics the garage door remote.

Aside from maintenance and repair, "my" car has never seen the inside of the garage.
Our carport is awesome all year because we get snow, and the heat of summer is much lessened.