Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Vlad Makes A Point

Vladimir Putin makes a stunning opening point, just ahead of his summit with Biden.

 Ahead of his summit with Joe Biden in G7 in Geneva, Switzerland, Russian President Vladimir Putin implied that the United States government had ordered the assassination of Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by Capitol Police during the Capitol riot on January 6.

It's an interesting take on the issue.  We still don't know who killed her, and we don't know the circumstances behind her death.  I'm sure if she were a black guy named George, we'd know all the details.  But, she was a white woman killed by a Capitol police officer, so we get ... crickets. 

It's way past time for the government to tell us who killed Ashli and the circumstances behind her death.

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Judy said...

They would know. They have ears everywhere, just like us and all the others.