Monday, June 21, 2021

Bribing The Sheep

 Our Louisiana governor, John Bel (hack, spit) Edwards has come out with a new scheme to try to get people to get the jab.  Make it a game, with prizes.  Oh, yeah, if you get vaccinated, you can get a million dollars in cash or prizes.

This needle-prick lottery appeals to all the worst instincts.  Which is of course whey our Governor latched on to it. Medical decisions should be solely the responsibility of a physician and a patient agreeing on a proper course of action.

In full disclosure, I got the vaccine after consulting with my physician.  Last year, I also got a tetanus booster, after discussing it with my physician. I'm not anti-vaccine.  I was around for Dr. Salk's vaccine, which I believe was one of the greatest medical breakthroughs in human history.

Bribing people to get vainated, especially when the vaccine is still under an emergency use authorization, is simply bonkers, and may be evil, which describes our governor completely.


robert said...

The man is a tyrant . I have been following Pastor Tony Spell of the Baton Rouge Apostolics as his church was under fire from ole John Bell . Has John Bell no fear of G-d ?

Termite said...

John Bell is a disgrace to West Point, the US Army Airborne School, and to the US Army Ranger School.

Personally, I would like to send a USMC Scout-Sniper team after him....