Friday, June 04, 2021

The Old Rebel

 Back about 2000 I bought my first 35mm SLR camera, a Canon.  in just a very few years, they had come out with digital technology, and I upgraded to a Canon EOS.  According to the blog, I got it at Christmas 20009.  

A couple  of years ago, I bought a small pocket camera.  It's okay, but the photo quality isn't as good as the SLR.  The SLR has a view-finder and you can't use it by holding it at arms length and looking at a screen.  You actually have to look through the view finder.  It takes great pictures, and I've taken some fine shots with it.  I do wish it would let me take video, but alas, this one was purchased just a year or so before that was available.

Belle and I are taking a trip later this month, to Missouri and to Kansas, and I will want to take photos.  I charged the battery on the Canon, and everything seems to be working just fine.  Of course, I have a camera on my cell phone, but a good camera takes good photos, and the SLR will be in the car when we leave.


Old NFO said...

Belt and suspenders! :-)

Don McCollor said...

.Have an old (new then) Panasonic SD mini camera. fits in a pocket, no zoom lens impervious to dirt and grit. Like an old 127 mm film camera. Good as anything within its limits. And much faster to deploy...\

Gaffer said...

If you are in NE Kansas and are suffering from caffeine withdrawal our coffee pot is always on.