Friday, June 25, 2021

Governor Edwards Vetoes Constitutional Carry

 During the recently ended legislative session, the legislature passed a constitutional carry bill with overwhelming bipartisan support.  WBRZ is reporting that the governor has vetoed the bill.

"I simply cannot support carrying a concealed carry firearm without proper education and safety training," the governor said in a statement released Friday.

Earlier this month, the governor also vetoed a bill that would forbid biological males from competing against biological females in high school and college sports.  This bill also had overwhelming bipartisan support.

The next question is when the legislature will meet for a veto session.  As I understand Louisiana law, a veto automatically triggers a veto session, but legislators can vote to not meet and allow the veto to stand.  By my understanding, the letters have already gone out to the legislators.

The legislature should meet at the earliest opportunity to rebuff the governor and pass both these measures into law.

On his facebook page, which I follow, the governor put up a statement concerning his veto,citing law enforcement concerns, to which I responded.

I spent 37 years as a police officer on the streets and roads of Louisiana and not once did I feel threatened by a law-abiding citizen carrying a firearm. This bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, and you, John Bel, are despicable.

My next actions will be to call my legislators and tell then to get their asses down to Baton Rouge and over-ride both these vetoes. 


BobF said...

Unless of course the critters voted for it knowing he would veto and then they could sit on their collective asses and say, see, I voted for it! Depends on just how ignorant they figure the rest of the constituency is. They know you're standing up. :-)

robert said...

At least your gubernor is a democrat . Ours is a republican but you would never know it .

Termite said...

While I can sorta understand his concern about CCW without any training, John Bel has ZERO excuses for vetoing the Women's Sports Protection bill.

Fred said...

Where in the bill of rights is anything said about firearm training?