Thursday, June 24, 2021

That First Shot

 I didn't do as well as I wanted to in Kansas last week.  I'm not blaming anyone but myself.  It was a good match, run by good people.  I simply didn't hit the target enough to stay in the win column.  The CFDA uses an elimination system where if you win, you get a W in the scoring column, and if you lose you get an X in the scoring column.Generally, a sanctioned match will be a 4X match.  When you lose four matches, you are through.

The standard target these days is a 17-3/16th inch target at 15 feet.  The center of the target is 47 inches above the ground.  We shoot from 15 feet. The target is electrically powered, with both a start light and a hit sensor.  When the light comes on, the shooter draws, cocks and fires the revolver   If the wax bullet hits the target, it trips the sensor and give yo a time. Individual shots are normally in the half-second range. Three winning hits determines a match.

It's fast.  It's real fast, and the shooting is done from muscle memory. Sights are seldom used.

It is said that you cannot miss fast enough to win n the game, ad I proved that this weekend,

The first shot is vitally important, because it shows that you have set up properly on the target.  On the long drive home, I started thinking about that first shot in every match, and was intrigued enough to get our some old match score-sheets and do some digging.  When I got home this week, I took out the Monthly Match sheets from the last two club shoot, and the first two rounds from the Louisiana State Championship we conducted in April.

I asked the question, "If a shooter hits the target with his first shot, how often will that hit translate into winning the match?" The results were fairly compelling.  I learns that if a shooter hits the target with the first shot, in 63% of those matches, that first hit translates into a W in the win column.

There a number of things that might affect the outcome of an individual match,  Hitting the target with the first shot is not absolutely predictive, but I think that my limited analysis shows that if you hit the target on the first shot, ou are well on your way to winning the match.


Old NFO said...

That would indicate you're set up to 'repeat' that shot in other rounds... Or so I would think...

robert said...

I bought a .40XD bb gun at WallyWorld . Even got a nice holster for it . Started off quick drawing and shooting at the screws in an old house trailer I was junking out . I'd do 200 draws a day and after a couple months I had shot all the steel screws out of the trailer and gotten seriously fast and accurate . I transfered over to several pistols in .357/.45 acp , and the .22 LR with little loss of accuracy or speed . Saved tons of money on ammo too . And had fun ! As long as you had fun , it was good .