Monday, June 28, 2021

Constitutional Carry going to veto override session?

Louisiana adopted its current Constitution in 1975.  One of the provisions of the new constitution was a process to over-ride a veto by the governor.  As I understand it, when a governor vetoes a bill, that veto automatically triggers a veto session unless the individual legislators vote that a session is not necessary.

In the past weeks, our Governor vetoed two bills that passed with strong bipartisan support.  First, a bill that prohibits biological males from competing against biological females in high schools or collegiate sports.  Second,a bill that allows Constitutional carry in Louisiana.   Conservatives across Louisiana are outraged

Legally Armed America looks at the political dynamic in Louisiana today.


Termite said...


Had John Bell signed the women's sport protection bill, and vetoed the CCW bill, there would have been near zero chance of a veto override session.

Way to go, JB, shooting your foot like that.

robert said...

John Bell is forgetting that many Southern Democrats are not only Democrats but conservative Democrats . Up north not so much but the deeper you go the more conservative are they . Hell , I was a Democrat until Roe V Wade pushed me out .