Saturday, January 16, 2021

NRA Channels Crockett

 The National Rifle Association, long the premier 2A organization in the United States, is moving to Texas.  Long domiciled as a New York corporation, the NRA is moving it's domicile to Texas.

David Crockett, a politician from Tennessee, famously told his constituents in 1835, "You can all go to hell.  I'm going to Texas."

Honestly, I thought the NRA was domiciled in Virginia.

At any rate, it sees that the news that the NRA is bankrupt is simply a part of it's legal maneuver to get out of New York.  I can't blame them one bit.


Tim said...

I would of thought they would have left that shithole years ago. Maybe Wayne had a girl friend/ mistress there.

robert said...

If not for the heat and skeeters I would already be in the Lone Star . These northern states are getting stifling . Unfortunately I'm 99.7% Irish and the skin just won't tan. It just turns red and puts on blisters . The wife is Cherokee and she gets as brown as any Mexican you ever seen . If the nation does get involved in secession I have been looking at properties in Ky and West By Gawd . Maybe the Ozarks . After 70 years in the Buckeye I have come to the conclusion that it is a $hithole .

Ryan said...

I also thought it was Virginia.

Maybe this shake up can get them to focus more on core work and less on the flagrant fraud/ waste/ abuse that has been happening.

ruralcounsel said...

Their national HQ building is physically in Virginia, just off I-66. But that has very little to do with where they are incorporated. Not sure how they intend to "move" to Texas, unless they are relocating the HQ to a new/different office building.