Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Selective OUtrage

It seems that the liberal media is now outraged that ... I dunno, something about President Trump tweeting, and AG Bar making a recommendation, and one career prosecutor resigning.  It seem seems that the Roger Stone case is the basis of all this faux outrage.  Evidently, Roger Stone is a fried of President Trump and was caught up in the RUSSIA investigation, and is facing sentencing over lying to Congress and obstruction.

Yeah, you can watch this report from See BS.

Those talking heads don't seem to recall when Obama's AG, Eric Holder famously bragged that he was Obama's wingman.  Or, when the DOJ declined to look into the IRS targeting conservative groups and Lois Lerner very publicly took the 5th in front of Congress, or when then-AG Lynch declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton for mis-handling classified documents. 

Under Obama, the DOJ, FBI, and IRS was weaponized against conservatives.    It was outrageous then, but i didn't hear many of the lib media complaining about it.  Now, it's outrageous that they find it outrageous.

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Windy Wilson said...

The attorney General is to the United States the way In-house counsel is to a corporation. The first words out of their mouths each time they respond to a request for an opinion should be directed at the Board of Directors (or the President as appropriate), "I represent the Country/corporation, not you."

The difference between Obama and Trump and how the Press treated them, and Holder's attitude towards Obama is the reason the rank and file from the ignoramus party think it's highly irregular and a sign of malfeasance to have a personal attorney when you are President.