Sunday, February 23, 2020


About six months ago, I added a gandkid to my auto insurance.  What a whack that was to my checkbook, but we did what we had to do.  He left in January to begin a career in the Army, so he's off my insurance and the premiums went down to something that approaches rational.

Just an hour ago, I added the second grandson to the insurance.  He's been living with us for the past two years and it's time for him to start driving.  My insurance is whacked again.

Louisiana reportedly has the 2nd-highest insurance rates in the US.  Yet, having a teenager on your policy sure does put a dent in the checkbook.  He'll be 18 in August and off to college, so we'll get him his own policy and transfer his ride over to him.  Hopefully, my premiums will revert to something approaching reasonable.

But, Louisiana still has the 2nd-highest insurance rates in the US.  Out legislature needs to enact tort reform and give us all a break.


johnwatts said...
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johnwatts said...

I was born and raised in Louisiana, but I haven't lived there in a long time (~1974, I think Edwin Edwards was governor when I left?). It seems that at the time, we had the highest per-capita highway fatality rate in the nation. It's not surprising that auto insurance is through the roof.